Saturday, October 20, 2012

Forza Horizon

Roughly one year ago Forza Motor Sports 4 was introduced to the gaming world, and failed to disappoint. With crisp graphics, realistic sounds, and an array of cars to choose from, Forza 4 set the bar high for this genre of games. In just three days, Playground Games will be releasing the first spin-off in the Forza series. Forza Horizon is an open world racing game set to be released on October 23, exclusively for the Xbox 360. With Forza 4 being so extravagant, Forza Horizon has allot to live up to.

Forza Horizon's gameplay is similar to that of Forza 4, with one immense change. Forza Horizon is an open-world racing game, set in rural and suburban Colorado. Players are now off the track, and are able to cruise the open world, completing a smorgasbord of tasks and challenges. Many of the features that make Forza the best of its genre, such as realistic physics, stunning graphics, and an extensive car selection are back, and better then ever. As the  player cruises one wicked map, they will gain popularity. Popularity is crucial in Forza Horizon. With it brings more showcase events, rare cars, objectives etc.

The overall goal in Forza Horizon is to obtain wristbands. Completing tasks, such as winning races, earns the player points. When enough points are accumulated, it will fuel the player to the next level of competition, represented by wristbands. The amount of points a player earns is determined by how well they finish in races. The color of the wristbands in order of lowest to highest rank are as follows: Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Purple, & Golden.

If you are familiar with the Forza series, then you probably know what to expect in multiplayer mode. One minor change has been put into place in Horizon. No longer can 16 players race simultaneously, as they did in Forza 4. The number of racers has been minimized to 8 in Horizon. This makes perfect sense, as their are no 16 car events in single-player mode. A few of the multiplayer modes include cat and mouse, points to point, and circuit race. You can also customize your own event, choosing your own racing style, course, and other custom settings. On a side note, all street credits earned in multiplayer mode, do carry over to single-player mode.
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