Saturday, December 17, 2011

Soul Calibur V Characters

Soul Calibur V will feature 29 characters in all. Below is a list of the returning and new characters, that have been announced.

Returning Characters:

Aeon Calcos                                                                                           

Cervantes de Leon

Geo Dampierre

Heishiro Mitsurugi

Hildegard von Krone

Isabella Valentine



Raphael Sorel

Siegfried Schtauffen

New Characters

Ezio Auditore
Patroklos Alexandra
Pyrrha Alexandra
Yan Leixia

Friday, December 16, 2011

Soul Calibur V

Developed by Namco, Soul Calibur V will be the sixth installment of the series. Soul Calibur V will take place 17 years after the events of Soul Calibur 4. This game will feature all new stages and characters, as well as some from past games. Soul Calibur V is set to be released on January 31, 2012.

  • Game Modes
  1. Arcade
  2. Legendary Souls
  3. Quick Battle
  4. Team Battle
  5. VS Battle
  • Stages
Soul Calibur V will feature a total of 20 unique stages. The gamer will be able to play the stages theme music, or the characters theme music. The following stages have been reveled.

Ancient Citadel: Under Siege:
Conqueror's Colisseum:
Cavern of Light and Darkness:
Free Imperial City Center:
Free Imperial City: Old Quarter:
Fu-Ma No Sato: Mechanical Spider:
Luoyang: Grand Festival of Guandi Temple:
Sacred Mt. Fugi: Sidestream:
Shrine of the Snake God Palgea:
Sinking Merchant Ship:
The Adrian:
Torture Chamber:
Tranquil Wasteland:
Valentine House: Private Mansion in Prague:

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