Saturday, December 17, 2011

Soul Calibur V Characters

Soul Calibur V will feature 29 characters in all. Below is a list of the returning and new characters, that have been announced.

Returning Characters:

Aeon Calcos                                                                                           

Cervantes de Leon

Geo Dampierre

Heishiro Mitsurugi

Hildegard von Krone

Isabella Valentine



Raphael Sorel

Siegfried Schtauffen

New Characters

Ezio Auditore
Patroklos Alexandra
Pyrrha Alexandra
Yan Leixia

Friday, December 16, 2011

Soul Calibur V

Developed by Namco, Soul Calibur V will be the sixth installment of the series. Soul Calibur V will take place 17 years after the events of Soul Calibur 4. This game will feature all new stages and characters, as well as some from past games. Soul Calibur V is set to be released on January 31, 2012.

  • Game Modes
  1. Arcade
  2. Legendary Souls
  3. Quick Battle
  4. Team Battle
  5. VS Battle
  • Stages
Soul Calibur V will feature a total of 20 unique stages. The gamer will be able to play the stages theme music, or the characters theme music. The following stages have been reveled.

Ancient Citadel: Under Siege:
Conqueror's Colisseum:
Cavern of Light and Darkness:
Free Imperial City Center:
Free Imperial City: Old Quarter:
Fu-Ma No Sato: Mechanical Spider:
Luoyang: Grand Festival of Guandi Temple:
Sacred Mt. Fugi: Sidestream:
Shrine of the Snake God Palgea:
Sinking Merchant Ship:
The Adrian:
Torture Chamber:
Tranquil Wasteland:
Valentine House: Private Mansion in Prague:

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gears Of War 3: RAAM's Shadow Pack

RAAM's Shadow pack will be the third installment of the downloadable content, for Gears Of War 3. This pack will for gamers interested in multiplayer mode, as well as single player mode. RAAM's Shadow map pack will be available on December 13, for 1200 Microsoft Points. This pack gives you more than three hours of prequel gameplay, so it is well worth the 1200 Microsoft Points. This will allow players to not only learn more about General RAAM, but it will allow gamers to play as him. The RAAM's Shadow map pack also gives you 6 character skins, 1 weapon skin, and achievements worth 250 towards your gamer score.

Weapon Skin:
  • Chocolate Weapon Set

Character Skins:
  • Michael Barrick
  • RAAM
  • Tai Kaliso
  • Minh Young Kim
  • Alicia Valera
  • Theron Elite


1) Unarmed and dangerous
  • Gamerscore- 15
  • Objective- Kill 10 Locust, using the loader
2) I'm rubber, you're glue
  • Gamerscore- 15
  • Objective- Using Mauler, kill 10 Gears by reflecting their bullets, using your shield.
3) Ghosts from the past
  • Gamerscore- 15
  • Objective- As a member of Zeta, play 10 rounds of Versus.
4) Finger of doom
  • Gamerscore- 15
  • Objective- As RAAM, kill 10 Gears using your kryll.
5) Foreshadowing
  • Gamerscore- 25
  • Objective- As RAAM, execute Minh Young Kim 10 times, in Versus.
6) Friendly competition
  • Gamerscore- 25
  • Objective- Complete RAAM's Shadow in arcade. (any difficulty)
7) Welcome to Zeta
  • Gamerscore- 25
  • Objective- Complete RAAM's Shadow in standard campaign. (any difficulty)
8) Help from my friends
  • Gamerscore- 25
  • Objective- Complete RAAM's Shadow  in 4 player co-op. (arcade or standard mode)
9) Zeta Team, go
  • Gamerscore- 75
  • Objective- Complete waves 1 through 10 of Horde with these 5 players: Minh Young Kim, Valera. Barrick, Zeta, & Jace.
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    NBA Season To Start Dec 25 | Lockout Has Ended

    The NBA owners and players come to an agreement, to end the 149 day lockout. The agreement came early on Saturday morning, after a 15 hour meeting. Although this is a tentative agreement, the agreement is mostly likely going to be ratified.

    The Season is going to begin on Christmas day, December 25th. There is going to be a triple header. The three possible games include: Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks vs. Boston Celtics, and the LA Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls.

    Training Camp and free agency is set to start somewhere around December 9th.

    The NBA season will be shortened to 66 games.

    Their is still uncertainty on whether there will be an allstar game.

    What is everyones  thought on the new agreement. Who won, the players or owners?

    Wednesday, November 23, 2011

    AC: Ancestors Character Pack

    Assassins Creed: Revelations has only been out for a week, and already there is download content. Though its not a big download pack, the Ancestors Character pack gives you more character options.

    The Ancestors Character pack offers 4 new characters, you can use in multiplayer. The 4 characters you get are: Gladiator, The Brigand, The Privateer, and The Cosair. Each of these characters will be equipped with unique taunts, weapons, and moves. The Ancestors Character pack will be available on December 13 for 320 Microsoft Points ($3.99).

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    Dead Island: Bloodbath Arena Pack

    It's been over two months since the release of Dead Island, and finally the first installment of downloadable content is here. Today, November 22nd, Bloodbath  Arena Pack was released.

    Bloodbath includes 4 all new arenas, that offer new challeges. You can enjoy these arenas alone, or with a partner. Any experience, or items gained in this pack can be transfered to campaign mode. Your skills will also be recorded on an all new leaderboard, for your friends to see. You can compare scores, to see who the best zombie crusher is. A new weapon, called the brain wave bomb rounds out the Bloodbath Arena Pack. This pack is free for people who preordered the special edition of Dead Island, and is 800 Microsoft points for everyone else.

    Monday, November 21, 2011

    Gears Of War3: Versus Booster Map Pack

    The Versus map pack will be the second installment of Downloadable content for Gears Of War 3. This pack will include 5 maps: Azura, Blood Drive, Rustlung, Clock Tower, & Bullet Marsh. Azura, Blood Drive, and Rustlung were previously released in the first map pack available for Gears Of War 3. Bullet Marsh and Clock tower are brand new maps for the gears series. Bullet Marsh is a remake of a map from Gears Of War. The Versus Booster map pack will be available on November 24, 2011, and will be free to download.

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    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    Horde Command Pack

    Epic Games has already announced three new map packs for Gears Of War 3. The first installment of downloadable content is the Horde Command Pack, which was released November 1, 2011. The Horde pack sells for 800 Microsoft Points ($10), and is a must for any gear head. So what does the 800 Microsoft Points get you? This pack gives you 3 new maps for Horde mode, 2 new weapon skins, 3 new playable characters, achievements worth 250 points toward your gamerscore, and lastly, 4 fortification upgrades. If you can wait until November 24th, you will save yourself 800 Microsoft Points. The second map pack to be released, will have the 3 maps from the first map pack. This pack will be available to download for free, but it wont have the fortification upgrades, the new character, weapons, or achievements.

    Maps: Blood Drive, Azura, & Rustlung

    Weapon Skins: Jungle camo set & Team plasma set

    Character Skins: Bernie, Big Rig Dizzy, & Onyx Guard

    Achievement List:

    1)   The host with the most
    • Gamerscore- 25
    • Objective- Host a private Horde match with a party of 5 players on any Horde Command Pack map.
    2)   Places to see, people to destroy
    • Gamerscore- 25
    • Objective- Host a private beast match with a party of 5 players on any Horde Command Pack map.
    3)   What does this button do?
    • Gamerscore- 50
    • Objective- Get 500 Silverback rocket kills in Horde.
    4)   It's hammer time
    • Gamerscore- 50
    • Objective- Achieve level 4 in Horde Command center fortifications.
    5)   Kill Locusts
    • Gamerscore- 100
    • Objective- Defeat a boss wave as 5 Onyx Guard (Hardcore Difficulty).
    Fortification Upgrades:

    1)   Sentry Upgrade
    • This upgrade adds a fire bolt, that does loads of damage. This upgrade is also effective against Berserkers.
    2)   Command Center
    • This is a new fortification upgrade that allows you to call in fire support from sniper teams, mortar strikes, and multiple hammers of dawn.
    3)   Silverback Upgrade
    • This allows you to upgrade Silverback exo suit, with rockets and extra levels of repair cost reduction.
    4)   Decoy Upgrade
    • This upgrade turns your decoy into an Onyx Guard bot, that will fight for your defense.