Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gears Of War 3: RAAM's Shadow Pack

RAAM's Shadow pack will be the third installment of the downloadable content, for Gears Of War 3. This pack will for gamers interested in multiplayer mode, as well as single player mode. RAAM's Shadow map pack will be available on December 13, for 1200 Microsoft Points. This pack gives you more than three hours of prequel gameplay, so it is well worth the 1200 Microsoft Points. This will allow players to not only learn more about General RAAM, but it will allow gamers to play as him. The RAAM's Shadow map pack also gives you 6 character skins, 1 weapon skin, and achievements worth 250 towards your gamer score.

Weapon Skin:
  • Chocolate Weapon Set

Character Skins:
  • Michael Barrick
  • RAAM
  • Tai Kaliso
  • Minh Young Kim
  • Alicia Valera
  • Theron Elite


1) Unarmed and dangerous
  • Gamerscore- 15
  • Objective- Kill 10 Locust, using the loader
2) I'm rubber, you're glue
  • Gamerscore- 15
  • Objective- Using Mauler, kill 10 Gears by reflecting their bullets, using your shield.
3) Ghosts from the past
  • Gamerscore- 15
  • Objective- As a member of Zeta, play 10 rounds of Versus.
4) Finger of doom
  • Gamerscore- 15
  • Objective- As RAAM, kill 10 Gears using your kryll.
5) Foreshadowing
  • Gamerscore- 25
  • Objective- As RAAM, execute Minh Young Kim 10 times, in Versus.
6) Friendly competition
  • Gamerscore- 25
  • Objective- Complete RAAM's Shadow in arcade. (any difficulty)
7) Welcome to Zeta
  • Gamerscore- 25
  • Objective- Complete RAAM's Shadow in standard campaign. (any difficulty)
8) Help from my friends
  • Gamerscore- 25
  • Objective- Complete RAAM's Shadow  in 4 player co-op. (arcade or standard mode)
9) Zeta Team, go
  • Gamerscore- 75
  • Objective- Complete waves 1 through 10 of Horde with these 5 players: Minh Young Kim, Valera. Barrick, Zeta, & Jace.
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