Sunday, November 20, 2011

Horde Command Pack

Epic Games has already announced three new map packs for Gears Of War 3. The first installment of downloadable content is the Horde Command Pack, which was released November 1, 2011. The Horde pack sells for 800 Microsoft Points ($10), and is a must for any gear head. So what does the 800 Microsoft Points get you? This pack gives you 3 new maps for Horde mode, 2 new weapon skins, 3 new playable characters, achievements worth 250 points toward your gamerscore, and lastly, 4 fortification upgrades. If you can wait until November 24th, you will save yourself 800 Microsoft Points. The second map pack to be released, will have the 3 maps from the first map pack. This pack will be available to download for free, but it wont have the fortification upgrades, the new character, weapons, or achievements.

Maps: Blood Drive, Azura, & Rustlung

Weapon Skins: Jungle camo set & Team plasma set

Character Skins: Bernie, Big Rig Dizzy, & Onyx Guard

Achievement List:

1)   The host with the most
  • Gamerscore- 25
  • Objective- Host a private Horde match with a party of 5 players on any Horde Command Pack map.
2)   Places to see, people to destroy
  • Gamerscore- 25
  • Objective- Host a private beast match with a party of 5 players on any Horde Command Pack map.
3)   What does this button do?
  • Gamerscore- 50
  • Objective- Get 500 Silverback rocket kills in Horde.
4)   It's hammer time
  • Gamerscore- 50
  • Objective- Achieve level 4 in Horde Command center fortifications.
5)   Kill Locusts
  • Gamerscore- 100
  • Objective- Defeat a boss wave as 5 Onyx Guard (Hardcore Difficulty).
Fortification Upgrades:

1)   Sentry Upgrade
  • This upgrade adds a fire bolt, that does loads of damage. This upgrade is also effective against Berserkers.
2)   Command Center
  • This is a new fortification upgrade that allows you to call in fire support from sniper teams, mortar strikes, and multiple hammers of dawn.
3)   Silverback Upgrade
  • This allows you to upgrade Silverback exo suit, with rockets and extra levels of repair cost reduction.
4)   Decoy Upgrade
  • This upgrade turns your decoy into an Onyx Guard bot, that will fight for your defense.


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